Thursday, December 24

Need help from Santa!

Dear Santa,
Last Saturday I went to the post office to mail a package to my mother. I filled it with many little wrapped gifts so that she would have something fun to open on Christmas day. I sent it Priority. I insured it. I trusted the USPS. It only had to go 180 miles from here in Minnesota to my mom's in Iowa and it's had more than five days to get there. It didn't arrive before Christmas. Our local carrier said that "yes, it should have arrived by now". Now it's "wait and see if it ever arrives" and then I'll have to file the insurance claim if it doesn't get there. I just want you to know that I was a really good girl and did my part to keep the USPS solvent by sending out lots of Giveaway packages and I have a dozen packages to mail to blogging friends right after Christmas. Yes, Sir, I sent lots of packages all over the world this past year and everyone got to it's destination in a timely manner...........except this one!!! I thought I'd let you know about this in case when you look in your sleigh for gifts, you might find that package was misdirected into your pack and then you could just drop it on my mom's doorstep. You know where she lives. Hoping that if it doesn't arrive after Christmas that she will at least get it by New Year's Day!!! What a bummer!
Have a happy Christmas! Watch out for the heavy snow that's settling down on so many of us. Oh, and make sure your sleigh runners don't ice up as we don't need to hear about you and your reindeer crashing into a snowbank! Time to get out the stockings so they can be hung and ready for you to fill!!
Sandi who has always believed in Santa :-)


Sandy said...

That's a real bummer! A pkg sent by my DIL in Oklahoma to Ohio on Tuesday of this week didn't arrive either....don't think she allowed enough time, but you certainly did! Merry Christmas anyway and am glad you still believe in Santa!

Rachel said...

That happened to me too - I sent a parcel to my mum for her birthday in plenty of time, and it took 2 months to arrive. Turns out the lady at the post office had incorrectly typed the postal code into the computer so when the little tag printed, the barcode was wrong. They don't even read address labels anymore; it all depends on that little tag with a barcode!

Ida13 said...

I recieved my pkg in 7days month ago from you. I live in Hungary, so it is not close to you. uhhhh It is sad.

Kathie said...

I hate when it happens and it does all to frequently in mho even though we pay for priority mail.
I learned to pay the extra for the tracking no. so I can follow the package and it seems ever since i have started doing this my packages arrive on time.
another money maker for them but I feel as if it keeps the package listed in their system and not pushed aside...
good luck hope it arrives on Saturday for her

Crispy said...

Oh Sandi, I hope it gets there very soon!! At least WHEN she gets it she will have fun opening them, it will be like a second Christmas.


Pat said...

Well....THAT stinks as I know you had so many great things in there for your mom. I do hope it arrives and isn't permanently lost. Please be sure to update us on this, okay?

katheyking said...

I have always believed in Santa, too! And, I always will!

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