Saturday, September 12

State Fair Fun! Part One.........

Last Saturday, we - my husband, me and our son and his girlfriend - joined thousands of Minnesotans who enjoyed all the sights and sounds of the Minnesota State Fair!!

We are headed into that "sea of people"!! The weather was gorgeous and it was a perfect day to be at the Fair! Lots of people took advantage of it and enjoyed the day!

One of the most popular venues was the "Birthing Center". There were lots of new babies being born and this place was crowded with folks anxious to see the new babes. I loved these yellow fuzzy ducklings. There's not an ugly one in the bunch (remember that story from when you were a kid?). :-)

None of these little piggies are "off to market" anytime soon as they were just hours-old when we stopped by. I think there were about ten of them and mama was tired!

My favorite were the baby lambs. They were all kind of skittish so I couldn't get a good picture of a little one.

From the birthing center we walked on to the cattle barn. This is the kind of cow that I remember from when I was kid. I thought they were so huge. I have to remind myself that I was so small back then! :-)

And then there were the horses, so many beautiful horses. I liked this one as he (or she) is my favorite color - chestnut. Looks like he (or she) is about to say something. Hmmm, a cousin to "Mr. Ed" perhaps (Mr. Ed was a TV show from the 1950's that featured Ed the talking horse).

There were lots of sheep and pigs and even one great big pig/boar that weighed over 1300 lbs!
My husband wasn't crazy about wandering through all the sheep aisles but I loved looking at the little critters. Look at these guys, all sheared and dressed for a party.

I was seriously coveting the wool these sheep provided and especially this sheep..........

I looked right at that sheep and pronounced him a winner because of his curly "Santa Beard" wool!! You laugh, but wait til you see "State Fair, Part Two". Some of that curly wool (not necessarily from that sheep) shows up in a project at the Creative Activities building where all the quilts were on display (and lots of other cool stuff). I'll post Part Two on Sunday afternoon.
Til then have a good Sunday morning!


Crispy said...

I haven't been to a state for in years!! We host the county fair in our little town and it takes all of an hour to walk through but it's a HUGE social occasion so you spend all day gabbing with friends and neighbors and cheering on the farm animal entries :0)


Pat said...

Love your animal photos (and the captions you put with each one). I can certainly understand why the head WOOLY BUDDY (you!!!) would be favoring the sheep area when looking at the animals. :)

Kaye said...

Haven't been to a state fair for a couple of years and I miss them. Thanks to you and several other bloggers I have enjoyed several.

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