Sunday, July 5

Brown Bear and the Christmas Charm Fabrics!

Morning, all!
For those of you that were following my post on Brown Bear and the Christmas Charm fabrics, well, your patience has paid off. Several of you are going to receive packs of Christmas Charm fabrics. The winning name that my husband drew is "Annemarie" but Mary Grace was so diligent, as was the Owl Lady, and Pat in Delaware, then Margie and SarahVee, JustSusan, and Lotta in Sweden! You were all commenting almost everyday and so I'll be sending similar charm packs to all of you! I'll be sending smaller charm packs to a couple of you that also commented fairly often and you are Ida, Janelle, CieAngel, and Crispy. (And in case, I have extras, I might add a couple more. ) I loved reading the comments!! I was planning to get busy with "Christmas in July" and start cutting square right after the 4th of July.
Now unfortunately, I am still in pain and it is just not going away so there'll be no cutting of fabric or any sewing anytime soon. The MRI is not until Friday but come tomorrow morning I'll be calling the doctor to say "it can't wait that long"!! You all know you are winners and some of you have won gifties from me before so you know I send good little packages that are worth waiting for so hang in there and good stuff will come your way. Oh, and be sure to send me an e-mail with your mailing address but no hurry on that yet. I can't sit at the computer long enough to send individual e-mails to all of you right now.
One last is my son's birthday! He was born in 1976 and I remember July 4th of that year and the tall ships that sailed into New York Harbor. I remember, too, that I had a terrible back ache all that day and knew and hoped that "my time" was imminent. He was, after all, almost two weeks overdue! Well, that pain ended up being gone by the next morning when he was born. This pain seems to want to stay around and I'm not sure what the end result will be. Say a little prayer that this will all get resolved soon as I am getting mightly tired of not being able to sew or blog. I am getting in some handwork so it's not a total loss. Take care all and have a good day!


Lotta said...

Wow, I'm a winner!!! You've made my day much better!
Thank you, Sandi!!
I've sent you an email with my address.
thanks again,

Pat said...

Oh, are SO sweet. I love charm packs and LOVE Christmas fabrics. Anyway....I do hope they can move up the date of your MRI....perhaps if the doctor calls with a specific request, the imaging center will fit you in tomorrow or Tuesday? I feel really bad for you. need to reply...I am sure I speak for others when I say we are all thinking of you and hoping this pain situation can be rectified soon. You have been very uncomfortable now for too long.

Pat said...

Oh....yes...Happy Birthday to your son, too!!! (Too bad your current pain isn't "just" labor pains. *sigh*)

Margie said...

Sandi, Just want to say "Thank You" and most important of all is "You take care of YOU first. I think that I can speak for all of us that we want you to be able to blog (Love reading it) and to be able to do the things you love. So don't worry about us except to keep us posted once in a while on how things are going.

As for the charm pkg. this is the first thing I've won that I can remember of and Thanks again. Will send you my addy in an email. Take Care.

Ida13 said...

This pain mekas me sad. I miss you Sandi. I've read you almost every day.Take care, please.(Am I not selfish?)

You are so generous because of my gift.
Need I send my address? :)

Cathy said...

Great to hear from you Sandi! I hope you can get your MRI moved up. It's terrible they make you wait when your in pain. I keep thinking of you and hope your better soon.

Cathy in Savage

free indeed said...

Hope you are on the road to recovery. Pain takes such a toll on lives; those with it and on those that surround the loved one in pain. I like the quilt in the header....I don't remember seeing it while I was here before signing up for brown bear's it new? Course, I could just be unobservant...won't be the first time I'm accused of that! LOL. Take care.

Kaye said...

Sandi, the power of prayer is very strong and with all of us praying for you speedy recovery, hopefully the pain goes away. You have a beautiful heart and spirit and have given so much to us., our turn to send our love , prayer and energies to help fix you up

SarahVee said...

Thanks Sandi! Take care of you. Hoping your MRI gets moved up. Hope you enjoy some cake too:) Will send address later - focusing on sending you healing thoughts.

annemarie said...

Oh Sandi - How exciting to have my name drawn by your husband. I just sent you an email. Please take care and keep us posted. It is not fair that you have to live with this pain.

Sara said...

Wow, I really need to catch up on my blog reading! hope you are feeling better and happy birthday to you son!! You have been busy!

Owl Lady said...

Thank you, thank you for sharing your Christmas squares with so many of us. We will rejoice when you are able to cut them, because it will mean that you are significantly better, and that is what all of us want.

Also, I am glad that you are being proactive with your care by calling to say that you can't wait so long. Sometimes, doctors seem to assume that if you don't complain, you are just fine.

You might also want to try a tactic that my cousin taught me. If you are seriously ill and going to see a male doctor, wear something that is not colorful, no jewelry, no makeup, and just a swipe of the brush through your hair. It is not true of all doctors, but some consider you to be in more serious condition if you can't manage to fix yourself up for a photo shoot. It also works with some female doctors, but I have found women in general to be more realistic than men as a group.

I won't tell you to keep your chin up. You've been doing that so much that if you tip your head any farther, you could drown in a sudden rain shower.

The prayers and good wishes are still coming your way.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Sandi, you are so sweet and generous! You know your getting better and back to your old self is really all that matters to us. Winning the charms and reading your blog entries is really just the icing on the cake. So you take care of yourself and we will all be waiting to hear from you when you are ready.


CieAngel said...

What a nice surprise. Thankyou for including me in the winners. I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July and that you get your test done soon. We had a great day yesterday.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Sandi, you are such a beautiful generous lady. I hope that your pain will be relieved soon. And Happy Birthday to your dear son!

Just Susan said...

Wow Sandi, thank you for including me in your winners. It was a nice anniversary gift. I very much hope you get well soon. Hopefully they will get that MRI done and see what's wrong so they can hurry up and relieve your pain. I very much enjoy your blog. ~Susan

Crispy said...

Wow thank you Sandi!!! I can't believe I won something as I kept meaning to comment more and then get distracted...not a hard thing for me LOL. Just holler out when you are ready for addresses and just take care of yourself.

Prayers going up for a quick resolution of that dang pain!!

Gentle hugs,


Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Congratulations to the winners!

I'm so sorry you are still in such pain. It never hurts to ask the doctor to order a STAT MRI. If nothing else, the MRI center can put you on a cancellation list. There are alot of times that our MRI center has cancellations and they squeeze a patient into that slot.

Janelle said...

Hi Sandi
Wow... thanks for being so generous! I guess you still have my details from last time.
Hope your pain is relieved soon.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Sandi, I'm sorry that your not feeling well. I hope your pain goes away and quick!!
How neat that your son was born in 1976. A patriotic little thing. Hope you had a great 4th!! And I do hope all goes well with your MRI.

Mary L. said...

Happy Birthday to your son and praying that you may soon have some answers and relief for your pain.

em's scrapbag said...

I so hope you can find relief soon. It can be so discouraging not to be able to do what you love.

Linda said...

Sounds like a grand giveaway!
I love charm packs. They seem to collect but I will get something done with them.
Have a great week.

Micki said...

Congrats to the winners and hope that you are feeling better soon.

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