Tuesday, May 12

Is there snow in the forecast?

No, but there is wind and rain expected in Minnesota today but it's not going to turn to snow. So, if it's snow you're looking for then you'll find it in this month's Snowman block. Actually, it's a Snowlady.

She's wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day and I think she's me. :-) One of the favorite things I used to bake was chocolate chip cookies (read about it on my blog http://teastitches.blogspot.com/) and sometimes, I'd tie my hair back with a scarf when I was cooking or cleaning. I wore aprons in my early years and still have the half dozen or so I made back then. Not one of them fits anymore and I wonder "where did that slip of a girl go to"? Why I know..........she ate too many chocolate chip cookies!" LOL!!!

If you want PDF files for this block or any of the past months, you'll need to join my Seasons BOM Yahoo group (click on this link ........ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SeasonsBOM/ and then click on "join") to continue to receive the free blocks. I will be sending an e-mail to those of you that joined in January and February and will send you the blocks and ask that you please join the group. This change will make it far easier for me to load and provide the blocks to all of you. Thanks for your patience with this.



Pat said...

She is very sweet! I'll be downloading her today from the file section of your new Yahoo group.

pdudgeon said...

awww, what an adoreable snowlady.
this will be fun to stitch.

xashee's corner said...

oh how i admire your talent!! Your patterns are ADORABLE and i thank you soooooo very much for sharing! :) Have a TERRIFIC day! :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

She is just adorable! I think I'll start with her. Thank you!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You are a talented artist Sandi.

Micki said...

The pattern is wonderful! thanks so much!

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