Saturday, July 26

From a stormy Saturday to a sunny Saturday....

Back to more pictures from my trip to Iowa. The photo below was taken as severe storms gathered over the area of Webster City, Iowa. The sun was shining in such a way that it made the storm clouds look like there were aglow with fire! Fortunately no major damage occurred as a result of that storm. A local outdoor concert had to be rain delayed but it didn't stop the dedicated music fans from waiting out the storm!! That night my mom and I went through more photo albums and I pulled some things for the family reunion that was held on Sunday (last week).

And now it's a week later, I'm back in Minnesota and only just a few showers have popped up here today. Otherwise it's been sunny and gorgeous. My grandson, Jacob, arrived for an overnight and while we usually plan a project, this time he played car games on the computer while I put my aching back to the heating pad. Not sure what I did but it started a couple days ago with not being able to stand up after sitting, then just pain in my lower back. So our plans to do some painting will wait til he visits again in August. We did take a quick trip down to Toody's Sweets and Treats for an ice cream cone and a bit of playtime for him at the park. The day really was a perfect summer day.

Jacob has gone to bed now and I am going to gather up my embroidery and sew a few "fine seam or two" before I go to bed.
Sleep tight this lovely night!!

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