Wednesday, June 4

One more thought.......

and then I'm off to do some stitching. Just before I posted my previous quilt story, I had tallied time and spending for a certain popular quilt magazine (okay, it's Mark Lipinski's magazine, Quilter's Home and I hope he doesn't mind that I have mentioned it). Now I am not sure what the info will be used for but it was interesting to track the amount of time spent in computer chats/e-mails, piecing of quilts, reading, cleaning my sewing room, etc. The surprising thing for me was the amount of time I have spent on the computer the last few months (it was a lot of hours). In January, I began regular chats with members of a couple different groups and also began studying blogs, websites, and yahoo groups so that I might have my own blog, etc. one day. And here I am! When I sent the tally off to Mark, I told him how much I had enjoyed the exchange of group conversations and how during this time I got brave enough to set up my own blog and a yahoo group for penny rugs and wool projects. I would never have reached that point of setting up either if I had not first found Quilter's Home magazine. It was a real change from the typical quilting magazines on the rack. When I found that first issue with the blue sky, the green grass and the chairs with the quilts on them and the words "Quilter's Home" across the top, I was smitten. I've bought, and now subscribe to, every issue. That first issue was published about the time we were beginning to build our house, a place I often referred to as my "quilter's home" so as far as I was concerned this magazine was meant for me. I carried the magazines with me each time I went home to visit my folks and shared them with my mom. The only time the magazines haven't travelled with me was that last trip to Iowa for my dad's funeral. He was on my mind a lot this morning when I was looking at those old quilts. He would have loved to see them and to know that Arlene was sharing them with me. He had a way of saying "Yes, I have a daughter that's a quilter" that made me feel like he'd said I was a princess or something. Lucky me! And now I am off to get in some stitching time....................No chorus from the marsh pond tonight as it is too chilly to have the windows open. Only in Minnesota!!!

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"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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