Thursday, June 12

Bumpy night.......

All day I stayed tuned to the weather as the weather forecast was for strong storms. A fairly good shower came through about 8:30 a.m. but then cleared away. My morning project was to finish printing the postcard invitations for our annual Linn Family Reunion (the 79th annual!). Finished them just before noon so decided I would go to Toody's Sweets and Treats for lunch and then drop off the postcards. Last Wednesday, my friend Doris treated me to lunch there and it was sooooooooo good. Same thing today! Then back home to work on a couple of flannel kids quilts that will be raffle prizes for a kid's fun day planned by the Scott/Carver Historical Societies later this month. All the blocks are cut and ready to stitch tomorrow. I finished that about 5:00 and that was when I could see the weather was getting "bumpy" in the southwest corner of the state. Tornado warnings were being issued as the storm worked it's way northeast. By 8:30 it had arrived here and then the sirens went off and about the same time daughter Collette called to see if I was in the basement and I said, "I'm headed there" and hung up. So Kaiser, our beagle and I went to the basement but silly Steve stayed upstairs. The sirens were blowing because of a tornado that touched down about 15 miles to the west of us. It was headed northeast and we never felt any effects from it but I was sure worried for awhile. All one has to do is watch the Weather Channel to see that it was a really "bumpy" night all the way from Kansas to Minnesota. Iowa took the brunt of it and with the flooding already going on, they did not need it. My mom was prepared to "hunker down" in the shower with blankets over her head if she had to take shelter from a storm. All I can think of is how tired all of those people must be who are coping with flooding issues. My sister and family are some of those people. I'll be saying a special prayer for all who are affected by the storms. Hope you are all well and safe.

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